NuCivic Data is a fully-supported, cloud-based open data platform that adheres to OpenSaaS principles that are fundamental to today’s government information technology needs. All NuCivic Data solutions are built using DKAN, an open source open data platform developed and maintained by NuCivic. It was identified by the U.S. federal government’s Project Open Data as a "ready-to-use” solution “that will help agencies jump-start their open efforts" and a "real, implementable, coded” solution “developed to significantly reduce the barrier to implementing open data."

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What's in this Prototype

The prototype is primarily intended to show how readily the current functionality of Healthdata.gov and hub.healthdata.gov can be replicated and improved upon with the single DKAN software stack in the first phase of the redevelopment. In addition, during the live oral presentation, we will discuss, and where possible show, how the prototype will also serve as an appropriate base platform from which to add additional functionality upgrades and to address the “creative avenues for consideration” opportunities outlined in the RFQ over time.


Clean and usable design

Our responsive bootstrap powered theme is easy to customize via UI and to update and modify with specific requests as well. All our products are accessible and 508 compliant, as well as simple and beautifully designed. To try some of these features out, go to the Appearance > Settings > NuBoot Radix menu while logged in as admin, and change your logo, color scheme, or hero image.

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Powerful CMS

NuCivic Data is powered by Drupal. We treat your data as one more element in a set of versatile content that needs to be managed and usable. Because we're using Drupal, we can also leverage the amazing community behind it, with almost 30,000 contributed modules that bring almost any functionality to your fingertips, without having to go through the work of custom coding. In this prototype we've added some great features, including Blog post scheduling, and custom comments.

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Data grouping

Out of the box DKAN includes metadata and grouping functionality that is powerful enough to make large amounts of data sortable and findable for every level user. For this prototype we've introduced a new categorization axis: Subjects. Subjects are not limited to any particular user role or group, they are more accessible to the end user because they're descriptive, and can be managed and moderated dynamicly as time goes by, as well as deciding which ones should be featured in the home page at the time.

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Taking into consideration the current healthdata.gov ideas and questions model, we created a first -modest- approach at a feedback engine that will encompass comments about the site and open data in general, as well as feedback tied to a specific dataset. Comments and feedback will also be moderated by different user roles. In a future instance of this same engine we would add more complex intuitive categorization of feedback and faceting + metadata capabilities, making this not only a place for users to be heard, but also a very valuable knowledge base for both internal and external stakeholders.

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Comprehensive Workflow

We've used workbench to create a comprehensive workflow that includes data as well as other content, email notifications, and different publishing stages. Try logging in as different users and testing your publication permission limits. You can also see what permissions are assigned to each role on the permissions page. You should be logged in as an admin user to view/edit that.

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In the last few months we've focused a lot of our energy in creating powerful and easy to use charting and mapping tools, as well as making integrating with existing great visualization tools like ESRI or Tableau really easy. The end goal for this is empowering users to easily create beautiful interactive dashboards with their existing data or analytics, that can be put together through an intuitive UI and combined with many other DKAN features. For this prototype we've put together what an analytics dashboard would look like.

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